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A teenage Thai thief, who believed he could evade capture because he possessed invisibility skills, was arrested in the Ban Dung district of Udon Thani today. Contrarily to his past successful conquests, the teenage Thai thief’s attempt to steal a local’s motorbike was abruptly brought to a halt by alert villagers who managed to catch him after a chase ensued.

Upon searching the 19 year old’s bag, villagers discovered various stolen items including a marijuana plant, a tractor’s grinding stone and a tractor’s mouldboard plough. Also found in the teenage Thai thief’s possession were a lily flower, a Buddha amulet bracelet, and a 100-baht note, which Kupoe claimed were talismans that made him invisible during thefts, thereby ensuring his escape.

Following the arrest, Veeraphol Raksemavong, an admin of the Ban Dung Facebook page, updated the community about the incident. Veeraphol reported that Kupoe, a resident of Na Pho in the Phen district of Udon Thani, was caught with a black Honda Wave motorbike that didn’t have a license plate. This bike was identified as the vehicle used during the crime.

by Bob Scott
Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.