Circle Gatherings

Circle is coming together as a meeting of equals, to co-create a magical experience. Come to be seen and heard as well as witness and listen from your heart. To take responsibility for your own experience and to have no expectations is not something most of us in this culture experience very often & its so refreshing!

We have experienced profound magick while simply sitting in circle, being a part of circle. Where there is no “leader” & no hierarchy in place. Someone is the “host” which means they provide the gathering space, start with the talking stick/object and relay any details of the space (bathroom, water etc).

Circle agreements are:

  • Whoever has the talking stick/object has the full attention of circle.
  • We speak to our own experience (using I, not you).
  • We listen from our hearts with no addenda to respond or “fix” anything.
  • Stick/object gets passed to the left.
  • You are under no pressure to share, if you are not feeling like sharing in that moment, just pass the stick/object to your left.
  • When it is your turn with the stick/object, you have the freedom to share, sing, dance, laugh, cry, offer anything to the group that you feel called to offer, being exactly who you are in that moment and allowing others to see you, pure magick.
  • If possible, stay until Circle closes to hold the container.

If you live in the Ann Arbor Michigan area and are interested in Circle, contact us and we can inform you of upcoming Circles!

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