Drums & Drum Birthing

We are passionate about bringing drum beings into the world and connecting with others who are interested in drumming more Love Magick into their world!

We have a variety of drums on hand already made that you may feel called to. If interested in seeing them & learning more about them please contact us.

You may also find that you are inspired to birth a new drum. We are happy to co-create with you!

Common drum sizes are 10″ to 20″. In considering size, the distance from the crook of elbow to the center of a closed fist is a consideration. If this is less than half of the drum diameter, it may be difficult for you to hold the drum comfortably. Larger drums are deeper and more resonant, all other things being equal, and they are heavier and take longer arms and more stamina to hold. A 10″ or 12″ drum is appropriate for a small child, while a 20″ is about as large as a tall individual can comfortably hand hold.

It is less time intensive for us to birth a drum for you, and there are many rewards to birthing your own drum including an introduction to the ceremony and reverence of the process and the potential of a greater connection to the drum.

Drum birthing’s typically span 3-6 hours of active process and then a week of curing, love, and reverence.

Day before drum birthing we select and cut the rawhide and begin soaking and perform any preparatory work on the frame. Day two, 3 to 4 hours, we cut lacing, finish the drum round, punch lacing holes, and lace the drum. The next week involves patience and love as the drum cures to ready to play form.

If you are interested in birthing your own drum, you may be involved in both days or allow us to handle day 1 and guide you through the second day.

These are not toys, though they can certainly be played for fun and enjoyment by children or adults. Each drum is a being birthed with reverence and gratitude for all of the elements, energies, and beings that come together in the process. We give thanks to each being for their offering to us. A well crafted hide drum is an heirloom created to offer its gifts for generations to come.

Materials costs range from $25 for a 10″ drum to $80 for a 20″ drum.

Time investment is 2 to 5 hours per drum.

Comparable costs elsewhere range from $40 to $100 for a small drum to $150 to $300 for a large drum.

All of our offerings are on a gift basis. See our Love Offerings page to learn more.

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