Love Offering

We are highly intrigued by a gift based culture and find ourselves in a place where the leap of faith in this direction is pretty gentle with a big safety net. We are not in a position to offer things for “free” as this would not be sustainable. We are in a position to offer gifts! If you like what we are offering and would like to see more of it in this world, send us some love in return. Gifts of all sorts, including cash are welcome & greatly appreciated!

For many of our offerings we indicate a materials cost and an estimated creation time. This is to relay our expenditure of energy elegantly with the understanding that for us to keep offering some of our gifts, we need cash coming in that not only covers the cost of materials but also for our time.

The concept of “Gifting It Forward” is a beautiful one. The idea is simply putting out into the world that which you wish to see more of, what you want to support. If you appreciate the gifts we offered & made with/for you -gift from your heart with the knowing that if you gift more than materials and time cost, you made it an option for us to keep gifting to others in the world who may not have enough cash to cover materials. Your cash made it possible for another to experience this Magick as well!  If you pay for services rendered, this is a completed transaction. If you gift to provide for the next folks, the energy just keeps getting passed along!

Gifts we are interested in receiving from the universe

  • Cash PayPal 
  • Land within 30 minutes of Ann Arbor on which to locate our yurt home
  • Hides and leather
  • Fabric
  • Feathers
  • Gem Stones
  • Crystals
  • Rocks